Simplifying Service Delivery for
Importers, Retailers, Repairers and Consumers

Effective workflow drives quality service delivery. Link Technology’s innovative web-based software is the ultimate workflow management tool, making life easier for everyone in the service chain.

Central Workflow System (CWS) is cloud based software for helping business provide better service

Developed out of a need to reduce administration and labour expenses. CWS is a Service Network administration system which can accommodate a large variety of business types. Manufacturer’s Warranty, Product Returns, Extended Warranty, Out of Warranty, Delivery and Installations are among the sectors in which our clients have improved their service delivery all with a single software system.

CWS is a web based application accessible from any computer with internet connectivity. Being untied from any physical location, may your office anywhere, have your employees work in the field, at home or outsource the entire facilitation. Visibility, feedback and control remains at your finger tips 24/7.

Information is only created once and is modified as it moves through the processes associated with your work order through to completion and payment. The payment process is automated for ease of process at billing periods.

Everyone Connected, Everyone Happy

CWS enhances visibility bringing everyone together to interact in a central platform.

Customers can see what is going on with their job via a simple interface as well as receiving instant progress updates via Email & SMS.

Repairers can manage their jobs, order inventory, authorise work and plan their day using CWS’s easy interface.

Retailers can lodge and view jobs, organise returns, swaps and other in-store actions such as order consumables all via an 1-2-3 simplified interface.

Importers can see the status of their products in the market place with comprehensive reporting.

Warehouses can manage the pack and dispatch of repairer’s inventory requirements.

Call Centre Staff can create jobs and assist customers with their enquiries.

Head Office can configure and manage all aspects of the system including financials, reporting and work dispatch rules and procedures.

Accessible 24/7

Web Based



Third party Integrations streamline your business

CWS has constant, near real-time, two-way communication with a number proprietary and public systems.

We understand that it isn’t always easy or desirable for a company to completely switch over to our services, that is why CWS can be seamlessly integrated along side existing IT infrastructure. We have the expertise and experience to connect to any bespoke solution in a way that serves you best.

Email & SMS Notifications

Document Library

Instant Search

Retailer Interface

Export in PDF, CSV, Excel

Email anything to anyone

Attach Files & Media to jobs

Extensive Reporting

Inventory System



Need more information on how CWS can help in your sector?

Please use the sections indicated below for industry specific features and case studies.

Company: Glen Eden Appliances

Representative: Wendy & William O’Neil



Repairer Case Study – Glen Eden Appliances, New Zealand

Glen Eden Appliances’ Wendy and William Oneill haven’t looked back since adopting the CWS software, saying it has allowed greater flexibility in the way they run their business.

Wendy, who looks after the online side of the business, says the system is very simple to use and the support from Link is excellent.

“It allows us to be out and about doing service jobs and doing things such as banking as we don’t need to be sitting at the desk taking job information from customers. We are notified by email when a job comes through so no matter where we are, it allows us to respond.”

She says managing the process is simple with no need to make phone calls.  The programme allows for parts to be ordered, monitor when the parts have been ordered and dispatched and also keep the customer informed.

She says there is also support if needed through the free phone number.

“In my experience someone is always available and very helpful. The software is simple to use.  I learnt it myself by experimenting and just a couple of calls to the  [help desk]  when I wasn’t sure about something was all it took to learn the whole programme.”

Wendy says anyone wanting to adopt CWS will have no regrets.

Want to become a repairer?

With many of our service centres having been with us since inception of CWS over 15 years ago we have limited locations available for services in TV’s , whiteware, air conditioninmg, battery operated power tools and installations.

We are however expanding our range of services for new brands and products and service agents are retiring thereby creating vacancies.  We welcome your inquiry and will advise what is available for your trade service.

Our partnership arrangement grants authorised service  status for a range of brands and products.

CWS access is created and all work is conducted on line without the need for paper.

For NZ service centres CWS also has on online Health and Safety on site and/or in workshop hazard identification and solution worksheet to ensure compliance and saftey for all.

CWS is also availabe to use as your own service software.
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