CWS gives importers/distributors a way to manage every
aspect of their own warranty delivery.

Importers need to be able to measure  claims against each factory order , empower retailers at point of sale with triaging, technical information, arranging warranty service, installation, returns, swaps, consumable sales and if needed to manage  recalls.

Inventory warehousing and distribution needs to be simple with automation to reduce costs and maximise resources.  Link delivers!

Serial Number Database

Every product is stored and their warranty status identified.

Batch or Percentage Pricing

Costs can either be accounted for at an agreed rate or dealt with as they are incurred.

Fully Covered

We take care of all government regulations and insurance requirements.

No Setup Costs

You do not need to pay anything upfront to get going with our service network.

Claim Rate Reporting

Importers purchase from international factories with agreed percentage claims per sales order. The need to monitor failure rates is critical as excess claims bite into margins. This is critical information when reviewing with factories.

CWS  has built in features to trend claims percentages plus provide component usage all of which can be broken down by Specific Brand, Type and Model of product.

In addition, CWS provisions a known inventory usage thereby limiting financial exposure to stagnant inventory.

See what is really happening

Current Failure Rate

Number of claims, Claim %, Claim % of Set Max, Costs.

Identify Failure Patterns

Time Until Claim

Claims split by when they happened

See the real Cost of Business

Overall Costs

Understand the real cost of your business

By defining your costs up-front you are able to know that you have the future covered.

Inventory Management

Inventory management  that is also connected to the individual work order automates the ordering, pick pack and dispatch process from Service agent through to warehouse and courier. All connected to speed ordering and dispatch.

Features Include:

  • Stock Catalog
  • Warehousing. Pick, Pack, Dispatch, Tracking
  • Reporting: Low Stock, Usage, Forecast Usage

Case Study

Company: GSM, Australia

Representative: Jim Mavropolos


Importer Case Study – GSM, Australia

When Jim Mavropoulos, National Sales Manager for GSM in Australia, needed an effective way to look after the company’s national warranty work, he looked to Link Technology’s Central Workflow System (CWS).

He says he recognised that the service being offered was unique and provided everything he needed.

“The major benefit is that it simplifies everything – there is one point of call for Australia and one point for New Zealand.”

He says the system is very beneficial for customer services because the company can guarantee that no matter where people live they will get service.

“For example if we had a customer who lives 50 kilometres from Alice Springs with a warranty problem on a product, the system will find a repairer to go out and look after them.”

He says he especially likes that CWS is flexible.

“The beauty of the system is that it can be tailored to individual customers.  There are people on board who can write programmes to suit if we want a specific programme or spreadsheet.”

Jim says he would recommend the system to others with the same sort of needs.

“It has certainly relieved us of a few headaches,” he says.

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