CWS’s Retailer Portal simplifies the way that Retailers interact with Warranty Services

As a Retailers purchasing through an importer or importing direct you need  your Point of sale to be empowered  with triaging, technical information, arranging warranty service, installation, returns, swaps, consumable sales and if needed to manage a recall process.

The goal is to achieve repeat sales and delivering POS service for multiple product lines maintain customer loyalty.


Order product installations quickly and easily


Connect with our extensive national repair network


Manage all of your Product Returns on a single system.


Product in / Product Out transactions have never been easier.

View Past and Present Work

Complete customer history is only a click away.

Branded Interface

Customise the system to blend into your POS system.

Order Consumables and Parts

Use the system’s ‘shop’ to browse the manufacturers available parts and consumables.

Product Triage

Reduce the need for staff product training, the triage system will establish the correct action.

Document Library

Access documents, manuals, software and other files via the library.

Other Users