CWS enables you to administrate any type of service network.

Working for multiple brand owners , technicians, retailers, customers while maintaining inventory audits and government regulations is distracting from physically doing the work. Link systems automate the process to provide more time and greater returns for your business. Interfacing with your suppliers and customers is available to reduce administration.

CWS Accounting for Service Networks

Royalty Management

Automatically calculate Admin Fees, Royalties, Regional Royalties with various charging models.


Invoicing taken care of, easily batch process incoming financials.

Funds Distribution

Money calculated and all documentation generated and automated.

Authorisation System

Control the costs of every job with additional costs needing authorisation.

CWS Automation for Service Networks

Third-party Connectivity

Pull jobs in from multiple third-party systems and send updates back

Compliance Documentation

Automatically generate, populate and store government compliance documentation.

Automatic Allocation

Work is automatically assigned to Service Agents based on road-distance, products and service level.

Automatic Mileage

Mileage is automatically calculated and assigned based on real Road Distances.

Bonus Sysetm

Apply automatic time bonuses for quick-turnaround.

Automatic Charges

Automatically assign unlimited charges, calculated globally or by product.

CWS Administration for Service Networks

Manage your business from anywhere with any device that connects to the internet.

Inventory System

Supply parts to Service Agents with the Inventory system

User Administration

Setup User Groups to decide exactly what users can do and see what.

Custom Data

Setup a database of your information about products you deal with.


Report on everything, extensive reporting.

Service Contracts

Generate and sell service contracts.

Serial Database

Track exactly what is the status of a products warranty with a serial database

Audit Trail

Everything is logged, see who did what in the Audit Trail.


The system allows for a huge number of customisations to make your life easier.

Performance Tracking

View how long a job is really taking with stop/start statuses.


You can put your own imagery on all documentation.

Loaned Products

Track products which are temporary loaned out.

Notification Templates

Customise the content and appearance of all outgoing emails and SMSs.

CWS helps you manage all aspects of your service network.

Example Usage: National Installation Service

CWS is the perfect tool to deliver a streamlined nationwide installation network.  It allows you to offer fixed price installations direct from the retailer’s or call centre.  It also offers automatic contact with the installer, with notifications to the customer, retailer, call centre and installer.

  • Products and install charges pre-agreed upfront and populated in CWS.
  • Installation prices collected at POS.
  • The pre-approved installer closest to the customer who is authorised to install the product is selected.  SMS and email notifications are sent to all  parties involved in the installation.
  • Customer is alerted on progress of the install, and can also view the status on a customer specific website.
  • CWS is pre-programmed with charges and commissions for all authorised parties to a single installation.
  • A retailer’s POS desk only needs a computer connected to the web to operate installations seven days a week  with no programmes to load up or no back-ups needed.
  • Comprehensive reporting.
  • Almost a paperless system.

Case Study

Company: Install2u, Australia

Representative: James Kirkby


Background: Install2u is an Australian that company uses the CWS software to look after the deliver, assembly and installation of IKEA Australia products.

Installation Network Case Study – Install2u, Australia

“Simplicity is the key to CWS success”, says Install2U’s James Kirby.

The Australian company uses the CWS software to look after the delivery, assembly and installation of IKEA Australia products. With over 200 installation agents Install2u offers a truly Nationwide service.

James Kirby, Managing Director, says “while there are other platforms available, CWS is unique as it can be tailored to a specific user or customer needs. I am definitely an advocate of this software.  It is software is simple to use, all facets come with user manuals and the Link team are only a call away, and that call gets answered!”

In addition, he says “The software is set up to be used by multiple users including the Retailer, Customer and Supplier. It can be used to view and track jobs and provides customers with comfort that they know what stage their job is at.”